ANCHA is an eco-friendly beachwear brand about more than just bikinis. It is a beachwear line that reflects our team’s lives. Our lives revolve around getting sun and spending time in the water. We are bringing a beachwear collection to you that we ourselves wear and was created for all of us to look and feel good. The greatest care has been taken in perfecting design and style, selecting eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing.

ANCHA is inspired by where we come from and where we’ve been. You can see the influence of traditional Thai craftsmanship in our signature prints. An active beach life requires comfort, durability and practicality.

Designed by ANCHA in Thailand. Inspired by Thai artistic mastery, we have fused the primary colors and patterns of traditional art and coupled them with modern art to create a unique contemporary blend of designs. What better place to display these beautiful designs than on the clothing which most reflects our own life, beachwear.

Two factors were considered in choosing the right fabrics for ANCHA swimwear. Function and sustainability. ANCHA bikinis are meant for you to go surfing, tan, relax by the pool or have a cocktail at the beach club. That’s why ANCHA bikinis have excellent UV protection, are sun creams resistant, maintain their shape and are soft.
ANCHA swimwear uses the highest quality Italian and American fabrics made from recycled materials.

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