ANCHA is live!

ANCHA is live!

We’re excited to share with you the launch of the ANCHA Summer 2018 swimwear collection.

It has been a year-long process from the inception of the idea, branding, design, choosing styles, evaluating eco-friendly materials, overseeing production and now finally launching! Perfecting our collection has taken me to Italy and America for fabrics, Spain for styles, Thailand for design and Bali for production; and of course in Bali sneaking off to test the samples myself in the open water.

I love to surf and chase whatever waves I can catch. So far I have surfed in Hong Kong, California, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Phuket and Bali. Bali is by far the best place with amazing waves year-round. It is actually this passion for surfing which first planted the seed of creating a new beachwear collection. I wanted a bikini that I could surf in, sunbathe in, and hang out by the pool in, which also fit my body type and made me feel confident and sexy. Picky? You bet. Now with a team of professionals who love the beach and the outdoors, we are proud to bring you a collection that we ourselves will be swimming and surfing in, lounging at the beach club in, and secretly wearing under our clothes in the city. What more can you expect from a girl who lives in bikinis?

The ANCHA Summer 2018 swimwear collection is very special to me because it is inspired by my country, Thailand. I have always been amazed by the beauty of the artistic elements used in our most iconic buildings. For this collection, we chose two historic landmarks in Bangkok, Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) and the Grand Palace. The results of this inspiration and collaboration with a Thai print designer are the Dawn, Midnight, Emerald and Royal Indigo prints. I am in love with these prints and hope you will love wearing them too!


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