Inspiration is Everywhere

Inspiration is Everywhere

When you wear ANCHA, you are wearing art. It may sound presumptuous, but our prints are an artist’s interpretation of our directive to instill the swimwear with a touch of Thai artistic tradition and mastery. Our aim is to create swimwear that lasts, both from a wearable standpoint to a design and style standpoint. ANCHA is not fast fashion, we are eco-fashion, so our pieces need to stand the test of time. We believe and we hope you’ll agree that that’s what we have accomplished here.

Prints: Dawn and Midnight
If you have ever been to Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) in Bangkok, Thailand, then you will recognize the floral motif that serves as the inspiration for Dawn and Midnight.

Prints: Emerald and Royal Indigo
The tile mosaics and reflective surfaces seen at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand served as inspiration for Emerald and Royal Indigo.

Solids: Coral and Nude
Two colors that never go out of style and compliment various skin tones beautifully.

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